TFR CrossFit Workout of the Day

This past weekend was SO busy for your favorite gym!!

Was Coach Don the ‘Don’ of Nutrition Rocking the stage for her 2nd Bikini competition? ✔

Did Coach DONNA take first place for overall female and TFR member Brian Watkins win for fastest Alpha in the Divine 9 5K? ✔

Did we have 10 TFR CrossFit Athletes compete in the Caffeinated Games and CRUSH it?? ✔

Yah…. Go ahead and click this link and vote for us, 2nd year in a row, best gym in Smyrna Vinings 🙂

Now on to the WOD…. Testing day TWO

Part A:
Take 20-30 minutes and hone in on that technique. Let’s get that 1RM FULL SNATCH

Part B:
15 min alertnating emom
7 power snatch 75/55
10 burpee over bar