TFR CrossFit Workout of the Day
Who knew that when she was 29, her life would forever be changed. . . This picture was taken in 2013 just one year after her breast cancer diagnoses, double mastectomy and reconstruction. This chick right here is the epitome of the word FIGHT! This road has not been easy, but she has stayed the course and helped, prayed, uplifted and supported SO many people along the way. Can’t wait to PEDAL IN PINK for you to a little ratchet hip hop tonight, Tosha!! Thank you for being such an amazing warrior and a light in the world! KEEP SHINING!
TFR CrossFit Wednesday WOD
Part A:
Tabata Situps – try to beat your last tabata number
Part B:
Ab/Mat or GHD Situp
Heavy KB Swing (pick load)
Wall Ball 14/20