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Meet The Trainers

Lauren Whitmore Powers, Founder & Co-Owner

Lauren Powers

Years Experience: 8

Certifications: CrossFit Level 1, CrossFit Level II, CrossFit Nutrition, ACE Personal Training, Pre/post natal fitness certified, Schwinn Cycling, TRX Suspension Training Certified, Pilates Mat Certified
Specialities: CrossFit, Olympic Lifting, Physique Training, Extreme Weight Loss, Personal and Small Group Training

Current Classes: Cycle Tues/Thurs 5 AM, Sat 9 AM. CrossFit Tues/Thurs, 6,7, 8 AM

What type of coach are you: No nonsense! When you come to my classes or to my private sessions, be prepared to work! I’ve had my own personal struggles with fitness and weight so I’m extremely empathetic to athletes of all backgrounds. NO EXCUSES!


Rashad McDade, Co-Owner

Rashad McDade

Years Experience: 12

Certifications: CSCS Certified Strength Conditioning Coach, NCCPT Personal Training. USTFCCA Track & Field, CPR-AED

Specialties: Group/Personal Training, Weightloss, Fitness Competition, Speed & Agility, Sports Performance, Prehab & Rehab for General Population

Current Classes: Trek and Field, Track Abs, and Small Group Training

What type of coach are you? Energetic and fun to be around! I push all my clients to their full fitness potential through quality programing and meal planning


Jamal Powers, Co-Owner

Jamal Powers

Years Experience: 8

Certifications: CrossFit Level 1, CrossFit Kids

Specialties: Youth sports training, Basketball Conditioning, Sports Specific Conditioning, CrossFit, Weightlifting/Strength Training, Sports Injury Rehabilitation, small group fitness, weight loss

Current Classes: CrossFit, youth sports training


Tosha McDade, Co-Owner

Tosha McDade

Years Experience: Dancing for over 25 years; teaching classes for 1 year

Certifications: Pilates Matt Certification, Masters in Public Heath,
CPR – Advanced Life Support

Specialties: Pilates, Barre, Dance

Current Classes: Barre and Pilates

What type of coach are you? I like to have fun when I work out so I like to make sure my clients do the same. I enjoy  challenging the body and pushing it to the limits to get the results you are looking for. Creativity is my middle name so no class is exactly the same and you will leave feeling like you had a TOTAL body workout!! Beyond working out I’m a coach that likes to focus on an overall healthy lifestyle including healthy eating, positive energy, and encouraging annual check-up and screenings.


Jealyn Foston

Jealyn Foston

Years Experience: 4

Certifications: ACE Certified Personal Trainer

Specialties: Group/Personal Training, Physique Training, Strength Training.

Current Classes: Pure Strength Tuesday and Thursday 5:45pm, Wednesdays 5am; Pure Strength + Boot Camp Friday 5am; Pure Strength + Conditioning Friday 6:30pm.

What type of coach are you? Very outgoing and energetic! I have a sincere desire and passion to help people overcome obstacles that may prevent them from living an active, healthier lifestyle!

Monique Jordan

Monique Jordan

Years Experience: 2

Certifications: AFSA Cycling

Specialties: Personal and Group Training, and Hip Hop (synchronized) Cycle.

Current Classes: Cycle at 7:30pm on Wednesday and 6:00am on Friday.

What type of coach are you? I’m a coach that inspires, motivates, encourages and also demands 110% effort. I love to watch clients transition from “just working out” to making it a “Lifestyle.”


Michelle Foley Wade

Michelle Foley Wade

Years Experience: 6
Certifications: Pilates Mat

Specialties: everything Pilates / core related! I love working with clients coming back from injuries, post natal, cross training…

Current Classes: Monday 6:30pm, Tuesday 9:30am, Thursday 10:30am

What type of coach are you? Happy but hard! More than once after class a new client’s comment is ‘you seemed so sweet…before class’. I truly believe everyone can benefit from Pilates and if I only have 50 minutes with you I am going to make it count! My favorite part of training is getting to know my clients so I can help them get the most out of their classes/sessions.


Kandice Shelton

Kandice Shelton

Years Experience: 5 years

Certifications: Group Fitness Instructor, Zumba, Hip Hop Cardio, Spin, Kickboxing, Tabata and Pilates. I’m also a certified weight management and wellness coach.

Specialties: Dance Fitness (Zumba, Hip Hop Cardio) and Tabata

Current Classes: Zumba

What type of coach are you? My journey to teaching started after losing 60 pounds and, from that, I have a desire to help others with their fitness journey. I am an energetic, fun and engaging instructor with great music!


Alberto Mier

Alberto Mier

Alberto(RYT200) was born and raised in Puerto Rico. Graduated from art school and then moved to Atlanta in 1998. Since then his “day job” has been working as a designer for a major TV network as well as a fine artist showing in Atlanta as well as his native Puerto Rico. He is married and has two little girls.

Alberto has been passionate about yoga since he first practiced it in 2006. Went to his work’s gym, took the class and has been hooked ever since. So much that a few short years later he decided to become a certified teacher. He believes in its benefits, mental and physical. How it calms the mind, works and frees our bodies including areas that we normally don’t access. Its amazing ability to get us in touch with our breath, bodies and ourselves by being in the present moment. A good workout that at the end of the practice it makes us feel good and refreshed to go on with our daily lives.


Richard Bowen

Richard Bowen

Years Experience: 3 years

Certifications: CrossFit Level 1 Certified, CrossFit Level 2 Certified, IMPACT Volleyball Coach Certification
RYT-200 Hour level certified (yoga certification)

Specialties: CrossFit, Yoga, Mobility and Flexibility

Current Classes: CrossFit Classes Monday’s 7 & 8 am, Wednesday’s 6, 7 and 8 am, Friday’s 7 & 8 am and Saturday 9 and 10 am

What type of coach are you?
I’m a conscientious coach who is more concerned with you doing it right FIRST and FOREMOST, before trying to do it fast or with lots of weight. MECHANICS, CONSISTENCY then INTENSITY. Technique and form is paramount, and helping you understanding why we do what we do important to me.


Donna Walker

Donna Walker

Years Experience: 15

Certifications: AFAA Primary Group

Specialties: CardioFunk/Dance, Body Sculpt, Weight Loss/Nutrition, Marathon and Triathlon Training

Current Classes: CardioFunk

What type of coach are you? Enthusiastic Encouraging and all about the Fun!!


Tynisha Foster

Tynisha Foster

Philadelphia native Tynisha Foster moved to Georgia in 2006 and as she fell in love with the South she also fell in love with the food. Tynisha was determined to make a life changing decision to get back into shape and gives Lauren Whitmore much credit for keeping her motivated in her boot camp class. Four years and 50 lbs later Tynisha is now a Certified Personal Trainer and Certified Schwinn Cycling Instructor.

She is a lead trainer in our 6am Boot Camp class, instructs cycling classes, leads a running camp and other cardio intense classes offered at our facility like our Tabata fat burning class. Tynisha is a true people person and has a love for helping people meet their fitness goals. She always has high energy and when she is not leading a class you can bet you will see her at Total Fitness Revolution working out.

She believes that the two main factors people need to get and most importantly to stay in shape is consistency and determination. If you are consistent in your journey, you will meet your goals. Once you reach your goals that when the real work begins…Be determined to make fitness apart of your lifestlye!


Bernard McCrary

Bernard McCrary

Years Experience: 5

Certifications: AAFA Primary Group Fitness

Specialties:  Circuit and Interval Training

Current Classes: HIIT Tuesdays @ 7:15pm and Saturdays @ 8:00am; Bootcamp and Trek and Field as needed.
What type of coach are you?  High energy and fun! No one likes a boring workout.  I really try to incorporate my personality into my classes.  Clients respond to your energy as a trainer.  You know if you come to one of my classes I’m going to kick your butt but you’ll leaving smiling and hi-fiving!


Frank White

Frank White

Years Experience: 1

Certifications: ISSA Certified Personal Trainer and CPR/First Aid

Specialties: Explosiveness Training, weight loss, weight gain, and body sculpting

Current Classes: Wednesday 6:45pm SHRED (signature class using only bodyweight and calisthenics movements)

What type of coach are you? Easy going yet pushy, fun yet challenging. I incorporate a variety of exercises and approaches into my classes and workouts to keep your body “evolving.” I am an innovative trainer who likes to think “outside of the box” to give you a one of kind, fun, effective, and results oriented workout.


Staff bios and pics coming soon for:

Lexi Boyd
Stevo’n McGill
Matt Cook
Craig Thompson
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