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Lauren Whitmore Powers

Lauren Whitmore Powers is one of the lead trainers and Program Director for Boot Camp Revolution and Total Fitness Revolution. Her passion for training stems from her own personal weight loss story. Lauren started as a boot camp student several years ago and through consistent boot camp training and proper nutrition, Lauren lost over 80 pounds.

She believes that diet and exercise are the true keys to weight loss success. Lauren is not only a certified personal trainer she is also a certified group fitness instructor, boot camp instructor, certified in TRX group suspension training, certified Schwinn Cycling instructor, certified Level 1 Crossfit Trainer, certified Prenatal Fitness instructor and a Certified Crossfit nutrition expert. Lauren fuses her knowledge of boot camp, group exercise routines, Crossfit and kickboxing to help others achieve maximum fitness results. She is also currently getting her Master’s in Human Movement/Kinesiology. Lauren also competed in her first figure modeling competition with SNBF in November 2011. Her story will be featured in a documentary entitled “Soul Food Junkie” later this year.

Lauren makes it a point to have a personal connection with each student that comes in her class. She truly believes that once an individual begins to feel good about themselves on the outside their lives will begin to change from the inside. She has trained well over 1000 individuals in the past 4 years and her clients have lost hundreds of pounds under her care. She looks at fitness from a total care standpoint; she wants her clients to feel good emotionally, physically and spiritually. Some of her students have healed their marriages, found new jobs and embarked on new journeys in their lives and it all started from within. Students have 100% access to her via phone, text or email, and she will help ease your fitness fears, help you create a nutrition plan that works for you and help you set realistic goals. A lot of her students think of her as more than their trainer, but as a friend and a coach.

Danyelle T. Williams

Danyelle T. Williams has a true passion for people and for fitness. Stemming from a long-term personal commitment to health and fitness, she initially began boot camp classes as a student and today she instructs

professionally as a lead trainer with Boot Camp Revolution, in Atlanta, GA. By implementing challenging and constantly varied strength & cardio workouts, you’ll find the 5AM class packed in spite of humid summers and cool winters. Her love for fitness and quest for excellence have allowed her to encourage hundreds of clients towards attaining their fitness and weight loss goals.

Danyelle believes that a fit & lean body is the direct result of a balanced diet, regular exercise and a positive sense of self. She works with her clients to determine their individual goals followed by incorporating simple, yet effective, lifestyle changes to provide long-term results. Her teaching style & incredibly infectious energy are guaranteed to keep her clients motivated to perform beyond their wildest expectations. Her mission is to use her knowledge and expertise to help others live their best life.

She is available to her clients around the clock by phone, text or email to provide nutritional advice, exercise tips, recipes or to simply provide a moment of encouragement. Her devotion to her clients goes beyond the park through her commitment to stay up-to-date on all news relevant to the fitness community by attending workshops, seminars and reading research articles.

Danyelle is a certified personal trainer, boot camp trainer, and also trains with other personal trainers. Her extra fitness activities include several races such as the Peachtree Road Race, Crossfit, and sports photography.

Her motto is “You have a personal limit, but chances are it’s nowhere near where you think it is. PUSH YOURSELF!”

Come join Danyelle and the 5AM class Monday through Friday!

Wendi Tarentino

Wendi Tarentino is a certified personal trainer and one of the lead trainers for the 6:00 AM boot camp class. As a full-time mom of two young children, she stays very busy, but always makes time for her workouts.

After Wendi’s youngest was born, shedding the weight that she’d gained during pregnancy was tough. Like many, she had trouble finding the time each day to get in a workout.  But after deciding that working out and staying healthy would need to become a way of life, she committed to getting up early each morning, and working out. It’s her only “me” time and it’s the perfect way to start each day!

Boot camp and fitness in general has become a way of life for her over the past two years, and she loves to share the excitement with others – it’s contagious! Wendi has been the lead assistant trainer for a year and a half now. She enjoys encouraging people to give it everything they’ve got, and seeing them reach their full potential when they don’t hold back. Some of Wendi’s favorite drills are Burpees, squat thrusts, lunges, row boats.

Regina Grace

Regina Grace is a lead trainer of Boot Camp Revolution. Her need to pursue a healthier lifestyle brought her to Boot Camp Revolution more than two years ago. When confronted with the need to lose weight or be put on a lifetime of medications, she attended a few of the free Saturday sessions and decided to join as a regular student. She was so motivated by her own weight loss success, that she wanted to help others and dedicated herself to become a personal trainer. Her vision is to transform your thinking of fitness from a necessary evil, to a more enjoyable, active and focused way of living.

Regina is the lead trainer of the 6:30pm boot camp class. She focuses on giving students a great workout and provides extra help to those students who want to ease back into the getting in shape process. Her goal is to help students build their endurance by increasing the intensity levels of the workouts and through implementing healthier eating habits as the weeks progress. Bottom line, she loves to trainer and her students love her!

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Michelle Foley Wade

Michelle began practicing Pilates in college as a way to supplement her Lacrosse training. She was amazed to discover the positive impact it had in her life both physically and mentally and became a firm believer in the practice. Michelle tried her first hot yoga class on a recommendation from now fellow instructor, Becky, and began attending classes as often as possible! She credits her continued practice of pilates and yoga to helping her complete three half marathons. When the opportunity arose to study Pilates, Michelle jumped at the chance. Her passion for teaching is evident in her classes and she enjoys constantly finding new ways to challenge her students. Michelle feels very fortunate to be able to help enhance the well being of others through teaching and is a firm believer that a little Pilates is good for everyone!

Kandice Shelton

Kandice Shelton is a native of Kentucky but 10+ years ago traded in her Derby Hat to become a Georgia Peach when she moved to Atlanta. Although Kandice has over 15 years experience in Corporate Marketing her true passion is health and fitness.

After losing over 50 pounds, she founded Zenergy Fitness. Zenergy Fitness is a wellness company focused on inspiring others to reach their health and fitness goals through sustaining a healthy mind, body and spirit. While on her weight loss journey, Kandice found and fell in love with healthy living and made a decision to focus on exercise and wellness coaching with her company, Zenergy Fitness.

In additional to being licensed in several ZUMBA formats, she is a Certified Group Fitness Instructor, Kickboxing Instructor and Spinning/Indoor Cycling Instructor. Kandice also stays active with running (3 Half Marathons under her belt) and has a strong sense of adventure, with skydiving being her latest and greatest adventure.

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Alberto Mier

Alberto(RYT200) was born and raised in Puerto Rico. Graduated from art school and then moved to Atlanta in 1998. Since then his “day job” has been working as a designer for a major TV network as well as a fine artist showing in Atlanta as well as his native Puerto Rico. He is married and has two little girls.

Alberto has been passionate about yoga since he first practiced it in 2006. Went to his work’s gym, took the class and has been hooked ever since. So much that a few short years later he decided to become a certified teacher. He believes in its benefits, mental and physical. How it calms the mind, works and frees our bodies including areas that we normally don’t access. Its amazing ability to get us in touch with our breath, bodies and ourselves by being in the present moment. A good workout that at the end of the practice it makes us feel good and refreshed to go on with our daily lives.



Richard Bowen

Richard Bowen is a CrossFit Level 1 Certified trainer and holds an AAFA Primary Group Exercise Certification. He is also a competitive volleyball player. He started CrossFit 3+ years ago in attempt to improve his strength, conditioning and vertical jump for volleyball. Years later it has become as much of a passion for him as volleyball. He is specifically passionate about learning and teaching Olympic Lifting and Gymnastics. He is also passionate about understanding mobility and flexibility in optimizing the body for efficient movement and a big proponent and practitioner of yoga.


Kaleah French

Kaleah French (yes, like the language) never imagined she would be a certified personal trainer. Her long-time love for sports and an active lifestyle encouraged her to join a gym back in 2006. One day, at random, her classmate invited her to a fitness bootcamp and she has been transformed ever since. Who knew that one could literally crave working out?!

Kaleah’s natural gift as an educator transcends as a fitness instructor at TFR’s 5am bootcamp. She often finds herself amazed at the growth and willingness of her students to push it to the limit. Her undeniable love and appreciation for a fit body motivate her to keep training and to always be trainable. She also preaches that “when our bodies are healthy, our minds and spirits will follow. “

In her spare time she enjoys dancing, singing in the shower and spending time with her hubby.


Donna Walkerdonna bio

Donna Walker is originally from Louisville, KY. She got married and lived in Chicago before moving to Atlanta’s warm climate in 2001.

Her first love is dance and she has been an active dance minister for over 10 years. Health & fitness became a huge part of her life in college when she trained with a close friend who ran track. That’s when she realized her love of running. Donna previously taught dance aerobics and body sculpting before getting pregnant and having 3 kids within 5 years!

It was hard to get off the weight but she still continued to workout out because she enjoyed it. Donna started running races in 2010 when a friend asked her to run a half marathon and in October 2012 she ran her first full marathon. Dancing, running and working out are her true passions which is why CardioFunk is right up her alley!

Tynisha Foster

Philadelphia native Tynisha Foster moved to Georgia in 2006 and as she fell in love with the South she also fell in love with the food. Tynisha was determined to make a life changing decision to get back into shape and gives Lauren Whitmore much credit for keeping her motivated in her boot camp class. Four years and 50 lbs later Tynisha is now a Certified Personal Trainer and Certified Schwinn Cycling Instructor. She is a lead trainer in our 6am Boot Camp class, instructs cycling classes, leads a running camp and other cardio intense classes offered at our facility like our Tabata fat burning class. Tynisha is a true people person and has a love for helping people meet their fitness goals. She always has high energy and when she is not leading a class you can bet you will see her at Total Fitness Revolution working out. She believes that the two main factors people need to get and most importantly to stay in shape is consistency and determination. If you are consistent in your journey, you will meet your goals. Once you reach your goals that when the real work begins…Be determined to make fitness apart of your lifestlye!

Bernard McCrarybernard

Bernard is a Certified AAFA Primary Group Exercise Fitness Instructor. As a former college basketball athlete, he has always been on top of his fitness game. It wasn’t until a serious knee injury after college that forced him to the sidelines, that he became truly passionate about fitness and taking care of your total body.

He has several years experience teaching total body group fitness and Boot camp classes at Columbus State University. An educator by trade, he has a heart for teaching. His classes are designed to teach participants how to isolate particular muscle groups through intentional exercise to gain optimal results.

Using a combination of cardio, strength, endurance, and FUN, Bernard’s classes are ideal for participants of all fitness levels. He enjoys staying abreast of the trends in the fitness world, reading magazines and online journals. He still plays competitive basketball, runs 5K’s and is interested in fitness modeling. His motto is: Results start when you do, so Leggo!

Lisa Weiss

Lisa Orr has always been a Tomboy at heart and very outgoing. Her passion for sports and fitness along with her fun loving personality led her to Sports Broadcasting. Lisa worked as a graphics operator for CNN Sports Illustrated, then went onto become the Main Sports Anchor at a FOX affiliate in South Georgia. She also freelanced as a Sports Reporter and Sideline Reporter for GPTV.

Throughout that time, Lisa stayed fit working out in the gym, running half marathons, then finally reached her goal of running a full marathon.

At 42 years young, she decided it was time to pursue her passion for fitness and became a AFAA Certified Group Fitness Instructor. Her training in Aqua Aerobics, Kickbox Cardio, Boot Camp, Cycle and Body Sculpt are a variety of ways to keep anyone, at any age healthy and fit while having fun.

Lisa believes the key to a healthy lifestyle is finding what your passion is so you will stay motivated even after you reach your fitness goal.

Lisa PhilpotLisa_Philpot

I have been getting people back into shape and on the road to health for over 6 years. I enjoy showing my clients how to not only get into to shape but how to enjoy it and keep it off!!! My methods include motivation, transforming the way you eat and view foods as well as muscle earning/fat burning workouts. To me, its not enough to train you but to teach you so that you are more informed than the day you started. My mission is to create a lifestyle and not to just drop 3 pant sizes (that without knowledge , you can and will gain back). I work with everyone from the “baby beginners” to the “I only need a refresher” to the “I think I know what I’m doing”…lol… I look forward to meeting you and working with you!!!! See you soon!




LT Moore OCS 2010Porter Moore

I have a strong desire and passion to train and empower others. I have over 13 years’ experience in training others for combat, assessing officer candidates to be Army Officer, and fitness in the military. Personal Training has been a natural talent that I love just as much as I love training Soldiers.  My personal desire for wanting to train others came from a personal loss in my life that could’ve been avoided with better food choices and the elimination of stress.  Nevertheless,  yes prior/present military means that I’m militant but I’m not crazy, well not completely.  Yes I will push you and hold you accountable.  I will ensure your goals are met with additional personal accolades that you may not have even dreamed you’ll accomplish.  Fitness has to be a lifestyle change not just a fad for the moment.  Your desire for achieving your goals may start in class, but it has to end with what you do away from class.  I look forward to meeting and working with each of you.

Jaelyn FostonJealyn Foston

Jealyn Foston began her fitness journey early in her high school years. As a triathlete born and raised in Michigan, her passion for fitness grew even greater during her time as a collegiate athlete. While earning her B.S. in Exercise Science, she participated in numerous health and fitness expos in the Chicago and Detroit areas, which lead to a career in health and fitness. After relocating to Atlanta in 2012, Jealyn utilized her Personal Training Certification by managing a Fitness Center located in Southwest Atlanta, where she also conducted an all women’s boot camp, coed group strength and conditioning classes, as well as private personal training and individual program design. J is very outgoing and energetic and truly has a sincere desire to help people overcome obstacles that may prevent them from living an active, healthier lifestyle.


Jamal Powers

(bio coming soon)

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