Alberto Mier

Trainer Bio

Alberto(RYT200) was born and raised in Puerto Rico. Graduated from art school and then moved to Atlanta in 1998. Since then his “day job” has been working as a designer for a major TV network as well as a fine artist showing in Atlanta as well as his native Puerto Rico. He is married and has two little girls.

Alberto has been passionate about yoga since he first practiced it in 2006. Went to his work’s gym, took the class and has been hooked ever since. So much that a few short years later he decided to become a certified teacher. He believes in its benefits, mental and physical. How it calms the mind, works and frees our bodies including areas that we normally don’t access. Its amazing ability to get us in touch with our breath, bodies and ourselves by being in the present moment. A good workout that at the end of the practice it makes us feel good and refreshed to go on with our daily lives.