COVID-19 Safety Measures & Precautions

Total Fitness Revolution has taken every precaution to keep team members and clients safe and happy during the coronavirus pandemic.

Please see the following precautions:

  • Limited hours, the gym is currently only open 3 hours in the AM and 3 hours in the AM and 4 hours in the PM to limit traffic
  • Class sizes have been cut across the board to no more than 15 members
  • Members must sign up to use the open gym equipment
  • Large equipment has been spaced out to account for social distancing
  • There is no longer towel service
  • Sharing equipment is discouraged
  • 60% of classes are via zoom simultaneously as they are live
  • We started renting equipment, some equipment was even sold to members to assist with convenience and due to national shortages
  • Increased cleaning frequency
  • Increased availability of cleaning products to members
  • Any member or team member who has come in contact with the virus or tested positive is required to provide a negative test before return and follow all OSHA guidelines for quarantine

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