Taste Testing Vegan vs Non-Vegan Food on Good Mythical Morning

Today’s article explores the taste-testing of vegan and non-vegan food on the popular YouTube show Good Mythical Morning. In this episode, the hosts participate in a game called “spot the non-vegan food,” where they have to choose between different dishes and determine which ones are not vegan. They try a variety of vegan desserts and dishes, including chocolate chip cookies, mac and cheese, brownies, cheesecake, and quiche. Throughout the episode, they struggle to distinguish the non-vegan options and even accidentally vote for the wrong ones. The article highlights the exciting and challenging moments of the taste test, as well as the humorous interactions between the hosts. So, grab a snack and get ready to discover if these food experts can be tricked into going vegan!

Overview of Good Mythical Morning

Introduction to Good Mythical Morning

Good Mythical Morning (GMM) is a popular YouTube series hosted by Rhett McLaughlin and Link Neal. The show features a variety of entertaining segments, challenges, taste tests, and comedic banter between the hosts. Known for their lively personalities and hilarious antics, Rhett and Link have amassed a large and dedicated fan base over the years. GMM is a light-hearted and fun way to start your mornings and is a must-watch for fans of comedy and entertainment.

Description of GMMORE

GMMORE (Good Mythical MORE) is the extended version of Good Mythical Morning. It is a follow-up segment that delves deeper into the topics discussed in the main show. GMMORE provides additional content, behind-the-scenes footage, bloopers, and exclusive interviews with guests. It is a treat for fans who want even more of Rhett and Link’s hilarious and insightful content.

Other Mythical Channels

In addition to GMM and GMMORE, Rhett and Link have created other YouTube channels under the Mythical brand. The Mythical Kitchen is a channel dedicated to food, recipes, and kitchen experiments. It features a team of talented chefs and food enthusiasts who showcase their culinary expertise in a creative and entertaining way. Rhett & Link is the duo’s main channel where they share music videos, sketches, podcasts, and other exciting content. Good Mythical MORE is yet another channel that hosts the extended versions of Good Mythical Morning episodes. With this collection of channels, Rhett and Link have built a diverse and engaging online presence.

Taste Testing Vegan vs Non-Vegan Food

Explanation of the Taste Test

In one particular episode of Good Mythical Morning, Rhett and Link embark on a taste test challenge to see if they can distinguish between vegan and non-vegan food. The purpose of this taste test is to explore the flavors and textures of vegan alternatives and determine if they can rival their non-vegan counterparts. The hosts are presented with dishes prepared using different recipes, and they have to identify the non-vegan option. Through this taste test, they hope to shed light on the misconceptions and stereotypes surrounding vegan food.

Introduction to the Game: Spot the Non-Vegan Food

The game “Spot the Non-Vegan Food” is the main focus of the taste test challenge. Rhett and Link are presented with three dishes, each prepared using different recipes. Two of the dishes are vegan, while one contains non-vegan ingredients. The hosts have to rely on their taste buds and instincts to identify the non-vegan option. It’s a fun and interactive game that keeps viewers engaged and entertained throughout the episode. Let the taste test begin!

Taste Testing Vegan vs Non-Vegan Food on Good Mythical Morning

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Tasting Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies

Description of the Cookies

To kick off the taste test, Rhett and Link are presented with three plates of chocolate chip cookies. The cookies are freshly baked, with a soft and chewy texture. The hosts take a bite of each cookie, savoring the flavors and examining the physical characteristics. They discuss the taste, texture, and overall enjoyment of each cookie, trying to decipher which one is the non-vegan option. It’s a delectable challenge that puts their taste buds to the test.

Struggle to Identify Non-Vegan Option

Despite their best efforts, Rhett and Link face difficulty in identifying the non-vegan cookie. Each cookie is delicious in its own right, making it challenging to pinpoint any noticeable differences. They debate the characteristics of each cookie and analyze the subtle nuances in flavor. Ultimately, they make their choices, hoping that they have correctly spotted the non-vegan option. The result is surprising and showcases the potential for vegan alternatives to match the taste and satisfaction of non-vegan treats.

Trying Vegan Mac and Cheese

Description of the Mac and Cheese

Next up in the taste test is vegan mac and cheese. Rhett and Link are presented with three bowls of mac and cheese, each prepared using different recipes. They take a spoonful of each dish, examining the cheesiness, creaminess, and overall flavor profile. The hosts indulge in the familiar comfort of mac and cheese, testing their ability to differentiate between the vegan and non-vegan options.

Difficulty in Identifying Non-Vegan Option

As Rhett and Link taste each bowl of mac and cheese, they struggle to identify the non-vegan option. The vegan alternatives impress them with their rich and creamy textures, leaving little room for distinction. They discuss the ingredients used in each dish and speculate on the possibility of vegan substitutes providing an equally satisfying experience. In the end, they make their choices, hoping that they have correctly spotted the non-vegan mac and cheese. The outcome reveals the potential for vegan alternatives to rival traditional comfort foods.

Sampling Vegan Brownies

Description of the Brownies

The taste test continues with a trio of vegan brownies. Rhett and Link sink their teeth into the decadent treats, enjoying the moist and fudgy texture. The brownies are rich in chocolate flavor, providing a delightful indulgence. The hosts savor each bite, evaluating the taste and texture to determine which brownie is the non-vegan option.

Accidental Vote for Non-Vegan Option

In a twist of fate, one of the hosts unintentionally votes for the non-vegan brownie. It serves as a reminder of the difficulty in accurately distinguishing between vegan and non-vegan options based solely on taste. Rhett and Link discuss the challenges of identifying the non-vegan ingredient and acknowledge the impressive quality of the vegan brownies. Despite the mishap, the taste test emphasizes the potential for vegan desserts to be just as satisfying as their non-vegan counterparts.

Tasting Vegan Cheesecake

Description of the Cheesecake

The taste test takes a creamy turn with a trio of vegan cheesecakes. Rhett and Link sample each slice, noting the smooth and velvety texture. The hosts deliberate over the flavor profile and compare it to the classic taste of traditional cheesecake. They explore the use of alternative ingredients like hummus or vegan yogurt, which may influence the overall taste and texture of the vegan cheesecakes.

Challenges with Alternative Ingredients

As Rhett and Link taste each slice of vegan cheesecake, they encounter challenges with the alternative ingredients used in the recipes. The hosts discuss the differences in flavor and texture compared to traditional cheesecake. They express their preferences for classic cheesecake ingredients, highlighting the difficulties in recreating the same experience using vegan substitutes. The taste test reinforces the importance of finding the right balance between flavor and alternative ingredients when creating vegan desserts.

Trying Vegan Quiche

Description of the Quiche

The taste test concludes with a selection of vegan quiches. Rhett and Link dig into each slice, experiencing the flaky crust and savory fillings. They assess the texture, taste, and overall enjoyment of the quiches, exploring whether they can identify the non-vegan option. The hosts discuss the possibility of vegan alternatives replicating the flavors and textures of traditional quiches.

Struggles to Determine Non-Vegan Option

As Rhett and Link taste each slice of vegan quiche, they face difficulties in distinguishing the non-vegan option. The flavors and textures of the vegan alternatives impress the hosts, making it challenging to identify any notable differences. They discuss the ingredients used in each quiche and debate the possibilities of vegan substitutes providing a satisfying quiche experience. In the end, they make their choices, hoping to correctly spot the non-vegan quiche. The result highlights the potential for vegan alternatives to rival traditional dishes.


Awarding the Winner

After the intense taste test challenge, Rhett and Link gather their final choices and award the winner of the game “Spot the Non-Vegan Food.” The host who correctly identified the most non-vegan options receives an empty Vegenaise jar filled with compliments from the chef. It serves as a fun and lighthearted way to wrap up the taste test and celebrate the efforts of both hosts.

Relevance of Taste Test to Going Vegan

The taste test challenge between vegan and non-vegan food serves as an engaging way to explore the potential of vegan alternatives. Rhett and Link’s experience highlights the difficulty in accurately identifying non-vegan options based solely on taste. The taste test emphasizes the impressive quality and taste of vegan alternatives, showcasing their ability to satisfy even the most discerning palates. Whether you’re a vegan or simply curious about vegan alternatives, the taste test offers insight into the possibilities and challenges of going vegan. By challenging preconceived notions about vegan food, Rhett and Link encourage viewers to embrace a more inclusive and diverse approach to their culinary choices.

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